Can Disney Fight DeSantis: A Progressive Take

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By Lucy Hartford

Can Disney Fight DeSantis: A Progressive Take

Can Disney Fight DeSantis: A Progressive Take

Disney, the iconic entertainment conglomerate, has long been associated with magic, dreams, and family-friendly entertainment. However, in recent years, the company has found itself embroiled in political controversies. One such controversy involves the clash between Disney and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. This article will explore the progressive perspective on whether Disney can effectively fight against DeSantis and the implications of this battle.

The Background: Disney’s Relationship with Florida

Disney’s connection with Florida dates back to 1971 when Walt Disney World Resort opened its doors in Orlando. Since then, the company has become a significant economic force in the state, employing thousands of Floridians and attracting millions of tourists each year. The symbiotic relationship between Disney and Florida has been mutually beneficial, with the company benefiting from tax incentives and a business-friendly environment.

However, tensions between Disney and the state government have escalated in recent years, particularly under the leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis. DeSantis, a Republican known for his conservative policies, has clashed with Disney over issues such as LGBTQ+ rights, COVID-19 regulations, and voting rights.

The Progressive Perspective: Disney’s Responsibility

From a progressive standpoint, Disney has a responsibility to use its influence and resources to fight against policies that are seen as regressive or harmful. As a global brand with a massive platform, Disney has the power to shape public opinion and advocate for social justice causes. Many progressives argue that the company should not shy away from taking a stand against Governor DeSantis and his policies.

One area of contention is LGBTQ+ rights. DeSantis has been criticized for his stance on issues such as transgender rights and conversion therapy. Disney, on the other hand, has made efforts to promote inclusivity and diversity in its content and corporate policies. Some progressives believe that Disney should leverage its influence to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights in Florida and push back against DeSantis’ policies that they see as discriminatory.

Another issue that has sparked controversy is COVID-19 regulations. DeSantis has been criticized for his handling of the pandemic, with some accusing him of prioritizing economic interests over public health. Disney, as a major employer and tourist attraction, has a vested interest in ensuring the safety of its employees and guests. Progressives argue that the company should take a more proactive stance in advocating for stricter COVID-19 regulations and guidelines, even if it means challenging DeSantis’ approach.

The Implications: Balancing Business and Politics

While Disney has the potential to influence public opinion and shape political discourse, it also faces significant challenges in navigating the intersection of business and politics. The company operates in a highly competitive industry and relies on maintaining positive relationships with government officials and stakeholders.

Challenging DeSantis and his policies could have consequences for Disney’s business interests in Florida. The state government holds significant power in terms of tax incentives, regulations, and permits. Alienating the governor and his supporters could potentially harm Disney’s bottom line.

Furthermore, Disney’s audience is diverse, with fans and customers spanning the political spectrum. Taking a strong political stance could alienate a portion of its customer base and lead to a backlash. The company must carefully consider the potential risks and rewards of engaging in political battles.

The Way Forward: Collaboration and Advocacy

Despite the challenges, there are opportunities for Disney to effectively fight against DeSantis and advocate for progressive causes. Collaboration with like-minded organizations and individuals can amplify their message and increase their impact. By joining forces with other companies, advocacy groups, and influential figures, Disney can create a united front against policies they deem harmful.

Additionally, Disney can leverage its storytelling prowess to raise awareness and promote social change. Through its movies, TV shows, and theme park experiences, the company can educate and inspire audiences on important issues. By incorporating diverse and inclusive narratives, Disney can challenge stereotypes and foster empathy and understanding.


The clash between Disney and Governor Ron DeSantis represents a larger battle between progressive values and conservative policies. While Disney has the potential to fight against DeSantis and advocate for social justice causes, it must carefully navigate the complexities of business and politics. Collaboration, advocacy, and storytelling can be powerful tools in effecting change. Ultimately, the outcome of this battle will have implications not only for Disney but also for the broader progressive movement.

As consumers and citizens, we have the power to support companies that align with our values and hold them accountable for their actions. Whether you agree or disagree with Disney’s potential fight against DeSantis, it is essential to engage in informed discussions and actively participate in shaping the future we want to see.

What are your thoughts on Disney’s role in politics? Share your perspective and join the conversation.

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