The Golden Standard: Redefining Beauty through Diversity and Inclusion

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By Jack Stephens

In an engaging showcase of the changing beauty norms, “The Golden Standard” editorial visually complements an enlightening discussion on the representation of people of color in the beauty industry. Be sure to explore the captivating images here.

As societal definitions of beauty continue to evolve, one seemingly immovable constant has been an inherently unequal standard of beauty. With its global influence, the beauty industry has historically followed the interests of its dominant buyers. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a beauty standard that favors lighter skin tones.

Recently, however, this narrative has begun to shift. The September 2017 release of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, with its wide range of 40 foundation shades, challenged the industry standard. With a commitment to creating for “all skin colors, all undertones, from all countries,” the line has been a game changer in beauty norms.

In response, other makeup brands such as L’Oreal, Estée Lauder, and Kylie Cosmetics have started featuring models of darker skin tones in their campaigns. This shift promotes a broader definition of beauty, a much-needed change in the industry.

Yet, while this shift towards inclusion is promising, it raises important questions. Are these companies genuinely committed to embracing diversity, or are these actions simply responses to market pressures? As consumers, we must scrutinize the intent behind these new inclusive lines and ensure they are more than a passing trend.

To dive deeper into this conversation, delve into the original article where Stanford’s women of color discuss their experiences with the changing face of the beauty industry. The piece, written by Esther Omole, explores the impact of the evolving beauty industry, from the release ofRihanna’ss Fenty Beauty to the response of other major makeup brands.

Explore the dynamic photo collection, taken by Jessica Yeung and modeled by Alexa Davy, Krithi Reddy, Tricia Monte, and Naya Yassin, that illustrates the depth and beauty of the new standards being set in the industry. Discover the essence of this change through the following images:

These images and the enlightening conversation they accompany give us a glimpse into a more diverse future for the beauty industry. But the journey is far from over. If we hope to witness a true revolution in beauty standards, we must persist in challenging an excluding standard of beauty and continue to demand diversity and inclusion.

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